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COVID-19 Update

Hello again to all our clients, partners and friends, 

It’s June, and lockdown in our neck of the global woods is slowly being opened-up. 

We hope that wherever you are professionally, or personally, that things start to get brighter. 

Our business is fanatical about the build, measure, learn principle.  So, we are voracious in seeking out, and exploring ideas that might help us improve what we do.  So far during lockdown we’ve tested five new ideas for dealing with a post-COVID-19 world.  Three are non-starters, but two look worth further investigation.  You’ll hear more about them when we know for sure. 

In the meanwhile, our lockdown photography competition continues.  Our latest winner is Hannah (again) who risked sacrificing her phone for this beautiful scene.   

We hope you remain safe and well, 
With best wishes,  
Peter Joshua
June 2020

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