In a nutshell.


MMRG fuels confident stakeholder engagement. We help life sciences companies understand and unlock the dynamics of early adopter networks.

The early birds.


An early adopter is a person or organization who is usually prepared to take a risk on a new idea, and try it very early, on its arrival to market.

Building trust.


The majority of people you want to use your product will only do so when they have the confidence to try it. They get that confidence from the people they trust – the early adopters.


Independent and tailored early adopter research. No one-size-fits-all solution. Just a toolbox of techniques and an understanding of what works.


Intelligent analyses and judgment. Our qualified experts conduct quality research, yielding qualified targets for action. It’s not about volume, it’s about evaluation.



Making data actionable. We don’t just hand over a file. We bring data to life, empowering stakeholder engagement with quality, accessible information. Whenever your team needs it.

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