''A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.''

Marshall McLuhan

MMRG enables life science companies to develop a clear understanding of the stakeholders who influence the use of their innovations.

We’ve reimagined KOL research to equip clients with market insights that reflect the modern healthcare ecosystem.

Life science companies know that the old way of getting products adopted into everyday clinical practice no longer works. The traditional ‘pyramid of influence’ – built around the doctor – has given way to a therapeutic ecosystem where the number and diversity of stakeholders has expanded. Understanding who those stakeholders are, what roles they play and, crucially, how they connect is now critical to securing market access and everyday use of a medical innovation. That’s why at MMRG we go beyond the constraints of traditional KOL research. We give clients an understanding of all the stakeholders that influence behavior within their therapeutic ecosystem – and we stimulate confident stakeholder engagement.

Of course, we provide specialist consultancy around all the activities commonly associated with KOL programs; mapping, identification, profiling and engagement. But in a global environment where the most influential stakeholder could be a pharmacist, a patient advocate, a digital activist or even an organization, we believe that more holistic methodologies are required. It’s why we’ve reimagined KOL research to reflect the modern healthcare ecosystem. Our research tools are designed to equip clients with insights that knit together the diverse range of stakeholders across dynamic therapeutic ecosystems – and help them engage those stakeholders confidently and effectively.

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